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On Italy’s (alleged) financial woes

My Facebook posting of a link to what I believe is one of the few well-balanced opinion articles about Italy’s financial situation (written by the Daily Telegraph’s Andrew Lilico) has sparked a very interesting discussion with a rather smart friend … Continue reading

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As I spend more and more time in my country after so many years, the superstitious mindset of its inhabitants becomes more and more evident. For example, Alitalia planes don’t have any seat row number 13, nor 17. The reason … Continue reading

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And the bike died

Today I’ve pushed my Duke to near the top of the rev range in third gear (that’s way above legal speed by the way haha) during a quick tunnel overtake, and all of a sudden the bike died, as if … Continue reading

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Fixing the kitchen for a year

This is a long story, so be prepared with a cup of coffee or your favourite beer. Back in 2007, we purchased a flat, which is actually a part of an old farmhouse. It got heavily restored (read: demolished and … Continue reading

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After a 30 km ride amidst thick fog…

… here is the view I was presented with – the magic of Tuscany!

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A New Life

So I finally have got rid of the Iranian Madness blog – all its post disappeared except for a semi-unreadable dump somewhere in my hard disc. I’m now in Italy and it doesn’t make that much sense to keep writing … Continue reading

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