And the bike died

Today I’ve pushed my Duke to near the top of the rev range in third gear (that’s way above legal speed by the way haha) during a quick tunnel overtake, and all of a sudden the bike died, as if someone had pulled the spark plug out.

No lights, no engine, no indicators. Plenty of panic.

Luckily I have managed to reach the end of the tunnel by inertia, and could safely stop to check what was wrong. Turned the injection key on again and everything was back to normal.

Such behaviour was kind of weird, so I brought Duke to the mender. The verdict is that an electricity switch has rusted, and a high amount of cables around the battery need changing. The root cause seems to be a missing rubber cap (in turn probably due to a rather questionable job done by the guys who fixed the battery the previous time – yes, it’s you, Ducati Siena)

Some serious cost management will soon be required. I am pretty sure Ducati makes far more money from spares than bikes. The investment is not going to be debated, though, for the feeling of stopping in the middle of a dark, one-lane tunnel more than pays back for all the costs of repair.

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