A New Life

So I finally have got rid of the Iranian Madness blog – all its post disappeared except for a semi-unreadable dump somewhere in my hard disc.

I’m now in Italy and it doesn’t make that much sense to keep writing about Iran.

I’ll keep this blog to talk about the things I’m doing in my new country – the one I was born in.

Stay tuned!

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5 Responses to A New Life

  1. Sia says:

    It would be better write about Italy and leave them alone with their own stupid Green movement!!!

    • Administrator says:

      Oooh, what an honour – a member of the Iranian establishment writing to me from Kenya!

  2. Sia says:

    Iranian establishment?!!!Sure??? You are really handsome same as when you worked in Gandhi Office.
    No I found your Facebook page and it’s redirected me to your website.

    Kind Regards,
    someone who escaped from Iran after stayed three months in jail after election.

    • Administrator says:

      Apologies for my quick and dirty assumption – you know better than me that your government likes to make anti-opposition comments in blogs about Iran. I had seen a strange email address from Kenya so I had assumed it was a troll.

      Sorry to hear about your bad adventures in Iran.

      But why do you call the Green movement stupid?

  3. Sia says:

    Alessandro you were my old colleague in NSN. Yes you are right I am in Kenya now, NSN once again.

    This long story why i calling this movement nonsense and i prefer to send an email and explain my point of view with historical and cultural reasons on right time.

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